If you are looking for a professional logo for your apparel, embroidery is the way to go. It gives a long lasting, executive look to polos, jackets, hoodies and even t-shirts. This is an extremely popular way to
display your logo for everyone to see. 

Costs of Embroidery

The cost is determined by number of stitches in a logo and the cost of the garments. Unlike screen printing, the number of colors will not effect your cost. Another advantage of embroidery is you can bring in your own apparel and have it embroidered here for only the cost of the embroidery logo. (Typically $7.00 but can be higher for larger stitch counts)

There is a 6 piece minimum per design per order.

When to Use Embroidery

Embroidery allows you to create a more professional look which may be more appropriate for your purposes. Embroidery is effective on a wide range of fabrics where screen printing cannot be used effectively. Golf shirts, polo shirts, jackets, fleece vests, bags, caps etc., all look better with embroidery. Embroidery will also last longer than screen printed images.

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