Print Ready Art

We accept artwork in the following formats:

Vector files - .ai .pdf .eps .svg

Raster files* - .psd .png .jpg

*Raster files must be 300 DPI at print size or larger.

Raster vs Vector

Raster image files are made up of pixels. Pixels are a finite size and cannot be resized without degrading the image, which is why we require files to be sent 300 DPI (dots per inch) at print size.

Vector image files are made up of mathematical equations and can be scaled infinitum.

Outlines & Fonts

All strokes and fonts must be converted to outlines. We may not have your specific font on our computers so to ensure that the artwork looks correct, fonts need to be outlined.

To outline fonts in Adobe Illustrator, right click and select ‘Outline fonts’.

Print Size

When choosing art size, we recommend printing out your design on paper and holding it up to the print media.


Mockups are provided in our art proofs, however please note that digital proofs are not accurate representations of design size on every garment. (A 6-inch print will take up more space on an XS garment compared to an XL.)

Standard print size max is 12” wide x 14” tall.

Oversized print size max is 19” wide x 22” tall.

Minimum print size is 8pt fonts and 1pt lines.

Minimum print size for inverse and knock out designs is 12pt fonts and 2pt lines.


We offer 22 standard ink colors and Pantone matched colors. Pantone color information should be included in the art file. If no Pantone color is specified, we will use the closest color to our standard colors. Please note that computer monitors are not all color calibrated the same and that using a Pantone book is the best way choose colors.

Process Printing

Simulated process is used to print photographic or full-color images by creating color separations; this is an additional cost separate from art design that is charged at $10 per color. Simulated process designs typically have 7-10 colors.

Art Design

Need help with your art or bringing your design to life? We don’t charge for art services, but we are also not responsible for designing your entire brand package. We are happy to help with adjusting artwork or creating very simple designs. For more complex artwork, we are happy to recommend some great designers in the area.